Another year, another order

Yesterday I received my latest shipment of anime. It’s been a while since I last made a purchase‚Ķ offhand it would be Endymion last spring or winter. Actually, it was Seiken no Blacksmith in June.

I got ten items and it surprised me by arriving a bit early. As one of the items was a pre-order (Railgun S), I didn’t expect it to arrive for another week at least. Given the additional shipping costs for a destination north of the border, it didn’t make sense that they would ship it separately, although they did do that last year, even though I gave them permission to delay the shipment until the pre-order was available to ship.

So I now have Muv-Luv, Seitokai no Ichizon, the second season of Kore wa Zombie, the first season of Yahari Ore, all four seasons of Marimite, and Railgun S, which completes the Index/Railgun set for me. Only the Marimites are DVDs, the rest are all BRDs.

While I expected some of shows to be available eventually, such as (probably) Muv-Luv or Yahari Ore, I am pleasantly surprised that Ichizon made it here on blu-ray. Also, getting the complete Marimite set, even on DVD, in one fell swoop is pretty good. This order gives me both Zombie-kun seasons as well. All in all, even though I’m not feeling especially good about the anime industry, it was a treat to get these in.