Some more retail

I went to go see the movie Fury yesterday. Overall it was good but the grand finale was excessively long, etc…. The other combat scenes were pretty stunning for the most part, especially the battle with the Tiger. They did a good job of making it an intense, terrifying moment. While I’m not much of a Brad Pitt fan, I think his performance was good here.

After leaving the theatre, I wandered around in Future Shop for a bit and then left. Normally, I’d go next into HMV but I forgot all about it. I guess that part of this comes from the near absence of new anime in the store (and the complete absence of any sensibly priced anime). It was only while looking both ways while crossing the street that it came to my attention.

So after checking out another store across the street, I wandered back to HMV and had a look through it.

Back in February, it was announced that MM! would be getting released on BRD. As I’d noticed that a couple of other shows were available at retail the same month that they showed up in release notifications, I headed down to see if it was one of them. It wasn’t. Yesterday, it finally showed up, only nine months later. Added bonus… it was $85 so I won’t be buying it.

I did pick up a couple of shows on a whim however.

The first show I ever watched at all was High School Girls. I remember vaguely reading about the best way to translate the title and whoever was writing about it said it didn’t really have an obvious translation. The DVDs are called Girls’ High. They were cheap enough, at $20 so I figured it was about time. I could have bought this a while ago as it has been sitting in the racks there for some time, but I’m not especially enthused about watching it again. But for nostalgic reasons (and maybe this was amplified by a recent viewing of Steel Angel Kurumi, I dunno) I figured I couldn’t go wrong for the price.

Second show… B Gata H Kei showed up as well, on BRD, for $14.99. It was a fun enough show with Yukarin voicing Yamada and given the price, I didn’t see any point in leaving it lying there.

First shows that I’ve bought since May’s Haganai Next (given that I haven’t been able to close the RightStuf purchase).

Update: The RightStuf purchases have all gone through (just awaiting the pre-order of Railgun which should arrive later this month). As an aside, I visited HMV again a couple of weeks ago and the MM! was priced at $68. I would have bought it when I first saw it at that price but don’t need it now as I purchased it from RightStuf.

Update: Forgot to mention that I was in HMV earlier this week and noticed another show that I purchased from RightStuf last month… Hell Girl 2. Previously, they’d priced it at $60 which I felt was too much for DVDs*, especially since I felt that the first season really didn’t seem to resolve anything. Additionally, there is a third season, so just buying the one wouldn’t resolve anything anyway. So I’d always passed.

But both season 2 and 3 were on sale at RightStuf so I took a flyer on them. We’ll see how it goes. But I bring this up this show also had a crazy pricing change, going from $60 up to $85. Not sure what’s driving their pricing at HMV but it’s not inducing me to spend more money there. I haven’t been there too often of late so I don’t know if the closing of the nearby Sunrise Records is a factor.

*It’s not inherently too much since it’s a two cour season. However, it’s more than I wanted to pay especially given that if I bought season two, I may as well buy season three, which means another $60 (which also means a combined $16 in taxes). While it may well be worth it, I don’t know that even with three seasons, I’ll be satisfied. So at that price, I wasn’t willing to take a chance on DVDs, which I detest as a matter of course when subtitles are involved.


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