First Glance at the Fall Season

The fall 2014 season is now underway and I’ve had a chance to watch a few shows.

Alas, so far, nothing seems too exciting.

One amusing note however… I just watched the first two episodes of Ai Tenchi Muyo. While I was looking up the character list for the show, I noticed on the Wikipedia page that the show was sponsored by the city of Takahashi to boost tourism to the region.

So what was the first episode about? A guy, running through the woods because he’s late for something, whose first sight of the main female is of her panties. He doesn’t actually see her face.

What’s the second episode about? The same guy, who turns out to be a teacher at an all-girls’ school, is about to be tortured by the student council of said school.

What exactly is their hope in promoting tourism here? What are they expecting any new tourists to do?


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