Summer 2014 Continues its Roll-out

Well, I’ve had a chance to watch a couple more shows, of which one looks very good, two okay, one not so good.

Aldnoah.Zero looks really ambitious and is off to a rousing start. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

Sabagebu, which I keep seeing as Saggybaggy, is a bit weak, reminding me most of D-Frag. Zany characters who aren’t very interesting mixed with superficial recalcitrance, mediocre humour and some total immersion moments. I didn’t really enjoy D-Frag and I don’t expect to enjoy this.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was mostly good. The female lead seiyuu is very new and excepting for her occasional internal histrionics is pretty good. Nozaki-kun is voiced by the very veteran Nakamura Yuuichi, currently playing Tatsuya in Mahouka but some of his past credits include Kosaka Kyousuke, Clannad’s Okazaki and Ryuu from Kimi ni Todoke.

The show had a couple of good lines, which mostly spring from the gap in their awareness of Sakura’s feelings. My favourite was when he asked her, “Do you think love could arise from this?”, and her response was, “I think trust could arise.”

Finally, there is Akame ga Kill, a high-energy, violent show which oscillates between being light-hearted and a gore-fest, and then adds some really clumsy writing. The bad people are so bad that being evil, torturing, psychopathic mass murderers isn’t enough. Sigh.

Aldnoah.Zero – 4
Sabagebu – 2
Gekkan Shoujo – 3
Akame ga Kill – 3


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