Back into neutral

Well, the build-up that I’d made is gone now. Over the past three months, I’ve only been able to find one anime to buy, Haganai Next. There hasn’t been very much released that I’m interested in and what there is, is too expensive in my opinion.

Or, it’s only released on DVD and not Blu-Ray. The latest example of this is Funimation’s release of Red Data Girl, which I’d buy if it was on BD. After seeing the DVDs on HMV’s shelf, I went to their website to see if the BDs weren’t just at another store. They weren’t on their site either. So on a whim, I checked Alas, they’ve only released the DVD version.

Thinking about this, I decided to look up a couple of other shows that I see only in DVD format, to see if the problem is at the retail level or distribution level.

Railgun is only available on DVD, as is Seiken no Blacksmith. I just noticed that there is a combination BD/DVD of Kore wa Zombie that was released this spring, but I didn’t see it last time I was in the store.

This is a mess.


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