Experiment nearing its end

For the past year and a bit, I’ve been buying a fair amount of anime — at least a season a month. To maintain that pace, I’m bought up until May now with my recent purchase of HOTD.

But I’m not sure I’m going to be able to maintain this. The prices seem to be going up significantly.

The second season of Clannad was something like $25, which is priced to sell (although I still haven’t watched it). I didn’t buy the first season since I didn’t see myself watching it much. It was still a good deal at $50 but I’d already bought three shows that week so I passed on it.

That same package now sells for $100. I guess you could argue that it’s reasonable for a two-cour show but if I didn’t jump on it at $50, why would I at $100?

There are a couple of other shows that I wouldn’t mind owning that have recently come available. Nyan Koi had been on the shelf as a DVD for a few months and suddenly it was there in BD — but for $85. I think I’ve already mentioned that Infinite Stratos was about $65 when I first saw it and now, it’s also $85. The first season of Fate Stay Night is also there for $85 per cour (but not Fate Zero).

While there are a handful of shows for which I’d pay this, e.g. I paid that for Girls und Panzer last month, and I’d pay that for Haruhi or Bakemonogatari if they ever landed on the shelves, but I don’t think it’s a reasonable default price for more mundane shows.

I raised the pricing issue with one of the clerks there. He advised that things were what they were and only if there were a big discrepancy between their pricing and say, Amazon’s, would they react. They were about to close so I left with my one purchase. But later on, I checked the pricing at Amazon. It is significantly lower at $62 and $48 for the two shows I mentioned. These are reasonable prices. I could have bought a season of something else for the same overall price. I’d even pay what Jinrui cost ($67). I ventured back a few days later but they wouldn’t discuss pricing at all.

If most of the newly released shows are going to cost this much, then I don’t know why I’d even visit the store. There are already too few releases and if all of these rare shows are considered premium, then it’s only going to be depressing to visit the store.


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